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David Carli Thanks for visiting Trading with David and we hope that you discover some useful trading resources and information. David Carli, owner and founder of tradingwithdavid.com, wants to help fellow investors and traders enjoy the success which he has achieved throughout his life. David believes that the best person to manage your investments is you because you understand how hard and long you had to work to achieve them!

Trading with David offers its visitors a unique and diverse way to manage stocks, forex, commodities, EFTs, and options. At Trading with David, we cover these different markets and more, offering in-depth analyses, opinions, and perspectives.

At Trading with David, we are constantly following markets and finance news and business leaders throughout the world to bring our visitors important breaking news and updates as they happen. One of the single most important things about investing is learning to recognize when something is going to happen and why. Along with current news, we will also feature interesting e-Books, videos, and chart analysis, covering trading strategies and much more.

As a new website, we are striving to reach the forefront of the financial and trading industry. We intend to become a must-have reference site for traders and investors around the world that want to learn and follow a correct way to trade. Trading with David is a completely free website, we do not need you to sign up, or register. Just keep on checking in if you want to stay up to date with financial news and trends.

Trading with David - Learn the correct way to trade

Trading with David If you look at the picture to the right, you will see a representation of the finance markets. The financial markets are a shark eat shark world! The most important thing is to try to swim with the big sharks and not be eaten or bitten. The finance markets at the top are represented by big investment funds and big banks. Next, you have the smaller funds and banks, and right at the bottom, most of us the small traders.

With the right advice and training, we might not become the big sharks, but we can learn how to easily swim with them and make plenty of money and wise investments. Finance is a very disciplined profession. You need to know when and how to make a decision and remain disciplined enough to see it through or get out when it is time to get out.

To learn more about these strategies and follow David’s advice, be sure to check out his e-Books. Inside the e-Books, you will discover what he learned about the basis of trading, discipline, strategies and much more. David firmly believes with the right advice and knowledge, anyone can make a successful life trading.

Trading with David - Learn the correct way to trade

Trading for Beginers, financial freedom, learn how to tradeAre you a Beginner and you want to learn the correct way to trade? Congratulations! You have come to the right place. Only a few sites dealing with the trading world correctly. Many of them just want to sell their products, their services, or they want that you open an account with a particular broker so they can get a commission, with the promise of getting a huge fortune in no time. David is a professional trader, he makes his income with trading and he does not need to be paid to teach what is his trading philosophy and for sharing his 20-years experience.

A proverb says "You don't get something for nothing". David is 47 years old, he reminds when he was a kid that people helped each other without expecting anything from anyone. Just for the pleasure to help another person and because, their own moral, their own ethic, imposed on them this kind of behaviour. Today is completely different and you "don't get anything if you don't pay for it". This is sad.

David has created three courses for beginners, completely free, with which, by adding weekly articles, he will give the correct basis to begin to understand what is trading and what are the dynamics governing the financial markets. They concern Forex, Options and Commodity Spread Trading. You can always contact him for further explanations and clarifications. With the hope, for David, of being able to help as many traders and aspiring states, to learn the correct way to trade.

Trading with David - Learn the correct way to trade