Trading Pills

8 May 2023

Insights into the term structure

Over the past few weeks, I have received several e-mails asking me about the term structure. In this article, I show a practical example and take my cue from a chart that Pavel, CEO of SpreadCharts, posted… Read the rest

11 December 2022

The first concept to understand if you want to become a trader

If any of you stopped people in the street and asked them, “what is trading?“, I am sure you would get a wide variety of answers. The same if you asked the same question to people who actually trade… Read the rest

27 April 2022

A lesson learned from the markets

We are human beings and as such we are imperfect; it can happen to stray from the trading plan. Fortunately, the markets can get us back on the right track with lessons like the one I received and… Read the rest

21 January 2022

The best spreads to trade are…

They are generally ignored by most commodity traders, but in my experience, they are the best spreads to trade. I am referring to multi-leg spreads. For a number of reasons, multi-leg spreads offer better… Read the rest

20 January 2022

A fundamental aspect of trading

If you aspire to become a successful trader in the financial markets, there is a fundamental aspect of trading that you cannot ignore and that I always repeat like a mantra… Read the rest

31 December 2021

Seasonality and seasonal patterns

There are some clarifications to be made as several traders are inclined to consider seasonal patterns in the same way as moving averages with all that follows from it in terms of analysis… Read the rest