Commodity Spread Trading - The Best Seasonal Spreads 2024-2025

Do you want to know the best seasonal spreads for 2024/25?

"Commodity Spread Trading - The Best Seasonal Spread for 2024-25" over 190 selected spreads with colour charts.

New edition with the best seasonal spreads for 2024 and 2025. Expanded, improved and with seasonality explained to better understand the spreads in the lists and the dynamics affecting them.

Seasonality for commodities is certainly an advantage which no other financial market possesses. However, we should nonetheless distinguish and separate, amongst the many seasonal windows, those that are backed by motivations that go beyond the price trend on a chart from those that are mere statistics.

This is what I have always attempted to do in my trading with commodities when analysing and evaluating a spread. In this way, with time, I created a list of spreads which I consider valid, where the majority of seasonality is due to precise reasons.

In this book, you will find a list divided by commodities with all the valid spreads for 2024 and 2025. You do not have to consider this list as the holy grail, but rather you should always analyse each spread to 360 degrees. You have to discover whether the current situation is ideal or not for seasonality to be confirmed, or conversely, to figure out that conditions are not sufficient.

In practice, with “Commodity Spread Trading - The Best Seasonal Spreads for 2024/25” and the SpreadCharts app (as well as reading my two previous books, “Commodity Spread Trading – Take Advantage of the Seasonality” and “Commodity Spread Trading – The Correct Method of Analysis”), you will be equipped to trade with commodities professionally and proficiently.

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Edition: December 2023
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