19 May 2024

My thoughts on coffee

I have received more than one email asking for my thoughts on coffee. Below is my analysis. I begin by showing the chart of the term structure of coffee. Very clearly you can notice how the current term… Read the rest

19 February 2024

Analysis of an interesting spread

One of the commodities that has caught my attention in recent weeks is cocoa, particularly its fundamentals. Prices closed significantly lower last Friday after a strong five-week rally pushed cocoa to… Read the rest

22 April 2023

A very interesting meat spread

What most commodities are experiencing is a special moment, with strong rises and many missed seasonality. I am not going to explain the reasons for this situation by simply talking about one of the… Read the rest

1 April 2023

There is only one way to earn with spread trading

Those who have been following me for a while, and those who have read my books know this. It is not with those two or three little rules that they teach in the courses that you will be able to earn consistently in… Read the rest

20 February 2023

Spread trading with… fantasy!

Over time I got to know many traders, with some I became friends and we started exchanging opinions and analyses. Among them is Cristian, who is inventive and very imaginative. He is not the classic trader… Read the rest

28 January 2023

Analysis of corn and some calendar spreads

I take my cue from several e-mails I have received concerning some corn calendar spreads, especially ZCK23-ZCN23 and ZCN23-ZCZ23, to make an analysis. The calendar spreads on corn are going up, some… Read the rest