Commodity reports calendar 2021

In the commodity market, there are many weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual reports that help us to understand the situation of commodities in their various phases: production, cultivation, demand, supply, etc.

Some of them affect the price developments hugely whenever they are released. For instance, this is the case for the WASDE. The WASDE, World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates, is a comprehensive report prepared by the USDA (United State Department of Agriculture) providing comprehensive forecasts about demand and supply on the crop (USA and world) and livestock (the USA only). The report is published in 10th of each month.

The USDA releases also the Prospective Plantings report once a year at the end of March. The report is sometimes referred to as the Planting Intentions report, and it is based on a survey the USDA conducts with farmers around the country on how many acres they expect to plant of each crop. The Prospective Plantings missive provides the market with a solid expectation of the size of each crop for the coming crop year.

The report provides a complete balance sheet for each commodity by dividing estimates between demand (domestic use, exports and ending stocks) and supply (beginning stocks, imports and production).

The largest number of reports are issued by the USDA and concern agricultural and colonial products (wheat, corn, soybean, cotton, sugar, etc.) and livestock (cattle and hogs).

However, there is no shortage of energy reports such as the Monthly Oil Market Report (MOMR) issued by the OPEC and the Natural Gas Monthly (NGM) released by the EIA. The metal reports are only issued by private companies, and for most of them, payment is required.

Below you can download the pdf file with the 2021 calendar of the futures contracts and the most important commodity reports, excluding only the weekly reports, like the Weekly Petroleum Status and the Commitments of Traders (C.O.T).

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