15 April 2023

Eur-Usd through interest rate analysis

Talking to some traders via e-mail, I indicated my medium-term target of Eur-Usd at 1.16 and in this article, I explain the reasons that led me to this conclusion through interest rate analysisRead the rest

15 February 2023

Analysis of Usd-Jpy… a bit peculiar

Two days ago I received an e-mail from Clément with his analysis of Usd-Jpy. Before I make a few thoughts, I will quote the analysis exactly as it came to me, without changing a comma… Read the rest

26 September 2022

The only way to be profitable

On 7 February, with the invaluable help of one of my co-workers, Hannah, with the currency pair at 0.84425, I analysed Eur-Gbp. Today, during the Tokyo session, the target was reachedRead the rest

24 September 2022

The surprise moves by Japan

Japan intervened in the foreign exchange market on Thursday to buy the yen for the first time since 1998, in an attempt to shore up the battered currency after the Bank of Japan stuck with ultra-low interest… Read the rest

14 May 2022

Eur-Gbp and some important considerations

On Thursday, Eur-Gbp also reached its second target. I am not writing this article to self-congratulate, to tell you how good I am. I do so because I want to make a few considerations that you should not… Read the rest

10 April 2022

I take stock of the situation in Forex

Today I take some questions I received as a starting point to take stock of situation in currencies. After a few years of low volatility and zero or near-zero rates, with the pandemic, inflation started to rise due to… Read the rest