13 May 2023

Dark clouds on the horizon

If we solely focus on the astounding US labour data, we might be inclined to believe that the economy is strong and no worrisome events could occur. However, this perception is far from accurate… Read the rest

3 April 2023

A new and important partnership

Last week, I concluded a new partnership with a major broker operating in Europe. I received several e-mails asking me which broker to do spread trading with. There are very few, the most widely used and… Read the rest

23 March 2023

Jerome Powell is a little less hawkish

Yesterday’s FOMC meeting provided several insights. I summarise them below. Fed officials raised interest rates by another 25bp in a unanimous decision, bringing the benchmark overnight interest rate… Read the rest

24 February 2023

An important free educational resource

After opening it and immediately abandoning it due to time constraints, this week I resumed making videos on my YouTube channel. Thanks to the progress and evolution of technology, with the support of… Read the rest

21 January 2023

Work in progress, I apologise for the inconvenience

In the coming months, Trading with David will be a bit of a construction site, I have a few projects that will take time to complete. There will be delays in translations and periods when I will not be publishing… Read the rest

24 November 2022

My new book (of other genres)

My new book tells 25 of the most famous scams perpetrated over the centuries, in a light-hearted manner, not too in-depth to make the reading pleasant and relaxing.… Read the rest