Financial education
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People are wary of investments, but this is
simply due to a lack of financial education

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I think that nobody outside of you is worthy of managing your money because only you know the effort you went through to get it.

About David

David Carli is a trader with over 25 years of experience (two years as a fund manager) in currencies and commodities. After completing his studies at the University of Pisa (Italy) in 1994, David attended several exclusive trading courses run and organised by Steve Nison in the United States of America.

Since January 2007, David has been living and working as a full-time trader. In 2012 and 2013 David worked for a small Italian Fund, but in January 2014 he left to manage his investments on a full-time basis. In 2017, David started Trading with David, and in 2018, David began to collaborate with a major European commodity investment company.

He is the author of several successful books about trading and financial markets. It is his success and knowledge that David wishes to pass on to other potential traders. By helping them learn to avoid mistakes, thus enabling them to succeed in the finance and investment markets.

David's latest books

They are real trading courses, and you can find them on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback versions

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