Commodity Spread Trading - The Correct Method of Analysis

The most efficient and accurate method for analysing a spread

Books and courses on spread trading all say the same things: choose a seasonality and compare the price with that of recent years, buy the spread when the RSI is oversold, follow a technical analysis pattern such as a 1-2-3 Ross low or a double bottom... Spread trading is very different from all this.

You cannot reduce trading with commodities to a standard strategy you can always follow automatically, because there are many variables that can affect, for example, crops and livestock. This is because it is wrong to reduce spread trading to the seasonal trades recommended by Moore Research and SeasonAlgo, to their entry and exit dates. Trading with commodities is more complex and requires more data to get the complete picture of a given situation, in order to have the odds on your side.

In "Commodity Spread Trading - The Correct Method of Analysis" I will show you a method of analysis using five steps; seasonality is only one of them. It is a method that does not involve the use of technical analysis and indicators, which are great tools if you want to throw your money away. I will demonstrate how considering only the spreads recommended by Moore Research and SeasonAlgo limits spread trading a lot and precludes many other opportunities.

This method is the result of over 25 years of experience (even as a fund manager) in the financial markets, especially in commodities, and which led me in 2018 to collaborate with one of the most important European investment companies.

What you will learn by reading "Commodity Spread Trading - The Correct Method of Analysis":

  • the study of seasonality;
  • fundamental analysis;
  • term structure analysis;
  • contango distribution;
  • COT net position;
  • how to trade the anomalies;
  • the best spreads to trade;
  • the essence of spread trading and;
  • other important aspects through many examples.

Once you have mastered the five steps of this method, you will have all the information you need to make the right trading decisions. You will look at spread trading with different eyes.

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