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Economic Calendar, Trading with David, Spread Trading, Forex, Options, Stocks, Etfs, EtfThe Economic Calendar is something of fundamental importance for every trader. Most likely you will only spend one minute or less with it a day reading it, but that one minute every day is crucial if you want to become a consistently profitable trader.

An economic calendar shows the scheduled news, events, or data releases related to the economy and financial markets. These include GDP, Non-Farm Payroll, interest rate decisions, and many others.

Events and macroeconomic news affect all the financial markets: stocks, bonds, forex, commodity, etc. You just think about the movement of the dollar after the releasing of Non-Farm Payrolls or the stock market after that a central bank has risen the interest rates.

Each event is graded, and it depends on its market impact. Minor events likely to have a minimal market impact are marked with just one "bull". Medium events that may have a market impact are marked with two "bulls". Three "bulls" indicate a significant news/data release which is highly likely to move the market in a significant way.

The events marked with three "bulls" are the ones you need to be aware of. Whether the data comes out way above, way below, or right in line with market expectations, around the event, there will be high volatility.

Whether you trade forex, futures, stocks or any other market, the economic calendar is essential for you. Check the economic calendar each morning, before you start trading, and jot down the times of the major data releases.

Below, you can see the Economic Calendar for staying up to date with breaking economic news, data, and reports on the most important world economies.


Real Time Economic Calendar provided by Investing.com.


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