Are You a Winning or Losing Trader?

Are you a winning or losing trader?, winner trader, loser trader, scammers in trading

winner trader, loser trader, Are you a winner or loser trader?, scammers in tradingI am not in wonder that people have a wrong knowledge and opinion of trading, what amazes me is that most traders have it. What I am not surprised about, however, is the very high percentage of traders who end up to say bye bye to the money in their accounts.

Trading is not a hobby or a game, it is not pushing a key and watching the monitor and your account to go up. Trading is something that goes beyond; it is something more complex and defined. But unfortunately only a few manage to understand it and to treat trading correctly.

In these days before Christmas, Facebook showed me how many ignorant (understood in trading), and naive people there are in the trading world, easy prey for all the scammers that populate the various groups (for fairness I have to say that there are also valid groups "managed" by good traders).

Four days at Christmas, it seems that "Santa Claus is coming to town" (as a Christmas song says).

Scammers on Internet, Scammers on Facebook, trading, Scammers in Trading

Well, what are you waiting for, take advantage of this benefactor and so much generosity!

The next post is so unreal that only a person with clear psychic problems could believe it. The reality is that after an hour it had already received more than 30 messages (37 to be exact). What a sadness!

Scammers on Internet, Scammers on Facebook, trading, Scammers in Trading

All the suckers that took the bait need to ask themselves a few questions… If someone was really capable of earning $ 13,000 a week with just $ 800 (making an annual profit of $ 676,000) would he waste his time on Facebook to make a lot less money? Moreover, the scammer is also semi-illiterate because he has not even been able to report correct weekly income figures.

The third (and last, if I list all the scams that are proposed on Facebook I should stay here to write until Christmas, yes but of 2018) is definitely the most experienced. It has a more sophisticated technique even though old.

Scammers on Internet, Scammers on Facebook, trading, Scammers in Trading

In an old film by an extraordinary Italian comedian, the protagonist was a ruined nobleman with a passion for horses. He went to the racecourse and asked the people in attendance if they wanted a sure winning horse in the next race. In return, he asked for a 10% commission on the winnings. To those who accepted, he gave a horse that was always different so that in the end, whatever the winning horse, he would surely get his 10%.

Here is the same thing, everyone who accepts will be divided into two groups. To a group will be told to go long on a market, to the other short. Those who will have earned will be divided into two more groups and always with opposite indications to trade. So until, in the end, it will remain a single trader who will have always earned and who will be happy to pay 10% of such gains in the coffers of the scammer (and in many cases will also not fail to advertise to him).

What to say, if there are people, traders so naive I hope at least the scam serves them as a lesson that "wakes up their brains". As I always say, the most stupid thing a trader can do is losing money with someone else's "head".

Trading is a job, just like many others: the engineer, the greengrocer, or the taxi driver. You do not become dentists overnight, but you have to study and practice for many years. You do not become a good pianist in one or two years of lessons, but you have to do, at least, ten years of the conservatory.

For trading it is the same thing, it takes time, study and practice. Too complicated for the looser, better someone who manages his account and that in short make him lose everything. I heard so many stories for not be sure of that.

Someone will say at this point: yes, but there are also good traders who give good signals. True, I do not doubt it, also because "throw the baby out with the bathwater" is always an indication of ignorance. But let me tell you a short story.

I have a friend who copied the same operations of a very good trader. The trader earned, my friend lost all his money. Do you know why? Because they were different. The accounts were different, their risk appetite was different, their emotions were different. So even though you find someone good to follow, the risk that you lose is always high.

The best thing you can do is to understand what is trading seriously and study, as you have studied to carry out your profession. Rome was not built in a day, everything needs the right time and dedication.

So, are you a winning or losing trader? It depends on you. Use your brain and treat the trading as it deserves and you will have made the first two steps to becoming a good trader.


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