Volkswagen invests 20 billion more on electric cars

Volkswagen, electric cars, electric car, diselgate

Volkswagen, electric cars, electric car, diselgateThe car's future is always more electric. Next Friday, the Volkswagen management is called to approve the Investment Plan for the next five years. A plan for increased spending on research and development, and for the conversion of the Zwickau factories in Saxony, in the former East Germany, where the activities for new electric cars will be concentrated.

The German group, which has returned to be the world's first for motor vehicles sales after the shocks of the dieselgate, will invest over 20 billion euros in its electric mobility program, including the costs for new battery development and those, precisely, for the conversion of the production units.

The Volkswagen's plan, called "Roadmap E", in addition to the launching of some thirty new mass-market zero-emission models, aims to offer an electric version for each of the 300 models in the Group, in its many brands, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini.

The Zwickau plant where are produced Golf and Passat, today have almost 9,000 employed workforces. A city. According to rumours, in the great Saxony plant will be concentrated all the production of electric cars and hybrids. While the production of "traditional" vehicles with combustion engines, gasoline and diesel, will be gradually shifted to the plants underused by Wolfsburg and Emden.

More significant numbers Volkswagen expects, therefore, to do them with models linked to the new electrification technology. A change of gear following the emission scandal. The dieselgate exploded in the United States in 2015, and cost to the Volkswagen group something like $ 30 billion, including fines, compensation and legal fees.

Before then, Volkswagen's plans for electric cars were limited and much more gradual regarding targets. After the scandal, the German house has definitely changed gear. And now it is preparing the way to continue to be still in front of others.


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