USA, This is the Worst Period in History

USA, this is the worst period in history, American worries

USA, this is the worst period in history, American worriesWhat we are living is the worst period in history". To say it is more than half (63%) of Americans. It is what emerges from the annual study by the American Psychological Association.

Despite the study has been conducted in August, in the midst of the debate on racism and discrimination, due to the violence in Charlottesville following the manifestations of white supremacists, the feeling of negativity and depression can only be confirmed today. America is still in mourning for the terrorist attack in Manhattan, where a van that fired on the crowd killed 8 people; just a few weeks ago the Las Vegas shootout, where 59 people died, and again in Texas, last Monday, the slaughter in a Baptist church with 26 people dead at the moment.

The natural calamities then, with the hurricane that bent Puerto Rico, creating a humanitarian crisis. Not to mention the scandals that hit Washington and the ever-increasing tension with North Korea. As Time Magazine writes, commenting on the results of the survey, it is precise "the state of the country" which is the major stressor today for Americans. 63% of respondents said that thought about the future of America is a source of anxiety. Even the personal working condition is less stressful.

More in detail, the first concern for the United States is health care. It thinks about 43%, while 35% chose the economy as a major source of stress. Other causes include lack of trust in government, crime, especially hate crimes and terrorist attacks. Women showed higher levels of anxiety than men, especially with regard to the worry of the attacks. Overall, despite the fact that this year's results are not very different from those of last year, the level of stress recorded, researchers say, has certainly increased.

The sample of respondents crosses all generational bands, from baby boomers to millennial. Therefore, many of them, point out Time, have experienced great tragedies, from the Vietnam War to the September 11 attack. The fact that they consider the current worst period in history is definitely significant.


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