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Trading online, Learn how to trade, free ebook, forex, free forex ebookLet's start by defining what is trading online. Whoever does this, invests in financial markets using a broker. The broker is our gateway to the markets: through an online subscription we can open an account (trading account precisely), deposit the capital and start operating.

Important: The trading account is not similar to what we have in the bank, we cannot pay the bills, credit the salary, or anything else. This account has only three functions: making financial transactions, withdrawing and depositing capital.

The word online refers to the fact that it is done using a software or web page to enter orders, so a stable internet connection is indispensable for doing trading online.

We are talking about real money, money that is being asked to invest and that is why we have every interest in managing it in the best way.


Do you really earn with trading online?

Can you become rich in no time? NO, NO and NO.

Who promises you this is a cheat, who promises you this wants to take advantage of selling to you its services (courses of a couple of days, a strategy, etc.). So at this point, you probably have the impression that this does not do for you. But do not be discouraged and keep reading.

Now, let's talk about how to deal with trading online, as it should be done and in total transparency. Let's start with a fundamental concept: trading online is open to everyone, but it is not for everyone!


The right ingredients for trading   online

As with a good cocktail, the best recipe is to find the right mix of skills. If we have the ingredients and the dosages, each one is able to prepare it, but only a few will be really good.

This is to say that we are all potentially good traders, but few actually make trading a business that generates steady revenue. Why will you ask? There are 3 basic elements that make the difference in online trading:

1 – Know the theoretical bases

2 – Practice both simulated and in real

3 – Find a strategy that fits your style and learn from your own mistakes

These points have not been put casually, but they are in the order of importance: it is not enough to read the ingredients to prepare a good cocktail, just doing it sometimes at home, what you need is to understand how to improve it every time, to understand where you are wrong and perfect it from time to time!

Not to brag, but with Trading with David, you will find all the elements for becoming the master of your online trading.

1 – Trading Courses in my eBooks that will give you the theoretical basis to deal with trading or a new financial instrument for the first time. They are the only thing not free, but they have a very small price. Five dollars is nothing compared to the value of what you will read, and you will learn. Five dollars is less than many people spend on one cup of coffee.

2 – Many strategies depending on your needs and your trading goals, which you find on both blog and e-books.

3 – A trader who does not live of trading courses and/or financial advice, but with trading. That with Trading with David has the goal to help others gain financial success through trading (for free).



Trading online allows you to free yourself from the bank's management costs and to decide how to invest your money, but it also gives you more responsibility.

Always remember that nobody outside of you is worthy of managing your money because you only know the effort you made to get it. It is therefore primordial to have the theoretical and practical basis for approaching this world and achieving own trading goals.

A great Italian entrepreneur, who lived in the first half of the last century, used to say: “A dream looks like a dream until you start working on it. Only then it becomes an aim, something infinitely greater.” I had a great dream also, to make trading my life.

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