Commodity Spread Trading – Method

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COMMODITY SPREAD TRADING Ebook Spread Trading: Seasonality, Fundamental and Technical Analysis

The Trading Guide helps you to:

  • Gain experience on market expectations, future probabilities and analysis of seasonal fluctuations.
  • Invest in multiple markets while reducing risks even in cases of annulling it
  • Understand the use of fundamental analysis for futures trading
  • Learn money management skills and essential applications without exception.
  • Learn how to apply analytical techniques to actual price forecasting and trading in virtually all futures contracts traded today.
  • Know methods used to analyze securities and make proper investment decisions
  • Focus of application of technical analysis to fundamental data information
  • Focus on most profitable methods that best fits a trader’s perspective of the market.
  • Learn a method to apply to your trading including methods for generating seasonal index



Brilliant Seasonality, Fundamental and Technical Concept Analysis

Are you interested in knowing a suitable trading method to help you increase your profits? Are you interested in knowing how regressions analysis works? eBook Spread Trading is a must-read guide on methods for trading. Various markets exhibit seasonal tendencies and you are bound to know these trends and how different seasonal patterns are attributed to some fundamental causes. The book is rich in the important information you will use every trading day. Chapter by chapter, David Carli illustrates with examples on what he has learned during his long successful trading life and broad research. You will get to know fundamental analysis as a means to determine the future price movements.



David Carli is well known for his works including Forex with Fundamental Analysis which encompasses detailed investment philosophies and strategies on central banks reports and economic indicators citing real examples from his experience and that of other known investment traders. His Options from Theory to Practice has been a standard reference for the world of options starting from the basics. Now he offers this comprehensive book as he contrasts fundamental with technical analysis, the test of market indicators and goes on to explain seasonality.



David Carli is an Italian trader and independent financial analyst. He has attended several exclusive trading courses run and organized by Steve Nison in the United States of America. With great experience from Italian Fund which he worked, and being rich in various aspects of investment, David has released successful books about trading and is committed to helping others gain financial success through trading. Mr Carli currently manages his own investments.

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PUBLICATION YEAR: February 2017 – FORMAT: pdf – PAGES: 97 – PRICE: US $ 5.00



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