The Behavioural Finance

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THE BEHAVIOURAL FINANCE: Trading Techniques, Psychology, Money Management, Rational Investment, Risk Control.

The Book helps you to:

  • Acquire important skills in money management.
  • Identify the most current and beneficial trading system, know if your investment tactic returns more profit.
  • Identify most profitable trades while reading market behaviour.
  • Recognize money supply adjustment strategy to account for productivity in an attempt to avoid deflation.
  • Develop smarter investment decisions through behavioural finance study and enhance investment returns.
  • Determine suitable entry and exit points, place stops and maximize profits.
  • Predict long-term asset class returns and understand multiple-asset-class investment.



Become a Successful Trader

Are you looking for a comprehensive trading guide for real-life situations? Are you interested in practical investment analysis and management? Do you believe in proficient or competent markets? Trading Psychology and Money Management explains all items on matters trading in a manner that no other book has ever done. Tips on money management, plans for implementation, risk identification and risk tolerance, asset allocation, trading plan among others have well been explained.

David Carli has also demonstrated the theory of behavioural finance in relation to its application in financial products that will assist you in decision making. Equity premium has not been left out as it has been introduced to you in an exclusive new twist that could lead to progress in trading. You are sure of beating the market after going through each page.

This is an essential tool that will not only help you maximize your profits but also control your risks and develop good money management behaviour. It will guide you into adopting strategies that fit your needs and investment goals. A brilliant book to make your investment dreams come true.



David Carli is well known for his works including Forex with Fundamental Analysis which encompasses detailed investment philosophies and strategies on central banks reports and economic indicators citing real examples from his experience and that of other known investment traders. His Options from Theory to Practice has been a standard reference for the world of options starting from the basics. Now he offers this comprehensive book as he contrasts fundamental with technical analysis, the test of market indicators and goes on to explain seasonality. Commodity Spread Trading is a real theory course on commodity and spread trading with thoroughly explained essential outlines on the strategies for analyzing opportunities and implementing them



David Carli is an Italian trader and independent financial analyst. He has attended several exclusive trading courses run and organized by Steve Nison in the United States of America. With great experience from Italian Fund which he worked, and being rich in various aspects of investment, David has released successful books about trading and is committed to helping others gain financial success through trading. Mr Carli currently manages his own investments.

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PUBLICATION YEAR: January 2018 – FORMAT: pdf – PAGES: 125 – PRICE: US $ 5.00



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