Learn (for Free) to Manage your Savings

Learn (for Free) to Manage your Savings

Learn (for Free) to Manage your SavingsLet me introduce myself. I am David Carli an Italian trader and independent financial analyst since 1998. If you would like to learn more about me, do not hesitate to check out my "About me" page.

During my trading-life, I realised that most of the internet sites about trading, treat it with a surprising lightness. Because of these sites, the aspiring trader thinks, indeed, dreams, of solving his economic problems, perhaps dismissal or even health problems, in a few months doing trading with a few hundred dollars.

Most of the sites and advertisements on the subject make it believe that trading is a child's play where, with little money, is possible to bring home very high returns, accumulating a considerable fortune from nowhere in no time. These gentlemen have purely lucrative intentions, speculating on the people's difficulties and teasing them with completely fake promises.

For becoming an engineer you need several years of study and practice; why in trading it should be different? As we say in Italy: Rome was not built in a day.

I am tired of continuing to see that only a few sites are dealing with the trading world correctly. For that reason, in 2017, I decided to open Trading with David, where I treat trading seriously and professionally, precisely for what it is: a real job.

I am a professional trader, I get my income with trading, and I do not need to be paid to teach what is my trading philosophy and to share my 20-years experience. So, were born my free courses for giving the correct basics to begin to understand what is trading and what are the dynamics governing the financial markets. Because so you can be the manager of your savings. Remember, nobody outside of you is worthy of managing your money because you only know the effort you made to get it. For this reason, do not leave that someone else manages your money.

Then I will give you a tip; you do not need someone else's signals to lose money in trading, you can do it very well on your own. The most stupid thing a trader can do is losing money with someone else's "head". Have you ever wondered why the best traders do not offer consulting services? I did financial advice in my early years, and the reason was simple: trading did not give me yet to live. I did not lose money, but what I earned was not enough to pay for loans, bills, food, etc. Now I am just a trader, a successful trader.

In my life, I had a great example: my grandpa. He helped a lot of people without asking anything in change. I remind that when I was a kid people helped each other without expecting anything from anyone. Just for the pleasure to help another person and because, their own moral, their ethic, imposed on them this kind of behaviour. Today is completely different and you "do not get anything if you do not pay for it". All of this is sad.

So, my courses are free and currently, they concern Commodity Spread TradingForex, Options, and Fundamental Analysis. Every week I will put on the site a new article for each course. At the end of the road (in approximately 4-5 months) all the articles will form four full courses, which will represent your starting point for becoming a successful trader. But there is still some way to go; they are just the basics.

If you want to learn how to trade and manage your savings quietly, without worries and without having to spend hours and hours in front of a monitor, I can teach you this. If instead, you prefer to follow the signals of someone you probably do not even know, free to make your choices. I mean, if the statistic says that 95% of the people that do trading lose their money, there will be a reason, is not it?

My motto is: "a dream looks like a dream until you start working on it. Only then it becomes an aim, something infinitely greater".

You could always contact me for further explanations and clarifications. With the hope of being able to help as many traders and aspiring states, to have a correct training, and doing of trading their profession, full-time or part-time.


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    Gracias por su curso gratis amigo


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