Learn to manage your money

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manage your money, trading, forex, options, commodity, free trading ebook, free forex ebookNobody outside of you is worthy of managing your money because you only know the effort you made to get it. Have you ever wondered if who manages your savings knows your needs? And how much will it cost to managing your money from a bank or a fund?

Let's face it, rates near zero have removed much appeal to government bonds. Who invests in bonds today, has a less than 2% per year of capital appreciation (10-Year Treasury Note). To get a better performance, we need to go to countries with bad ratings and risking to the end up, like those who invested several years ago in Argentine bonds.

Rely on banks and their products is never the wiser choice (banks always do their interests, not yours) and investment funds you know, they leave to investors the crumbs and operating costs are high. Then what to do with your savings? You have to become managing your money.

In Trading with David, I will try to spread an idea of smart investment, riding modern instruments and discover new and profitable sectors. Since the world began a conscientious and careful investor to his portfolio starts from a broader consideration on his Asset Allocation.

Define percentages of our assets to be allocated to the protection (part core, the most important one: it should be subject to low risk on markets with low volatility) and that, instead, dedicated to growth (the part that pushes on the accelerator, the one that will put wings to our savings and where we want to see a two-digit percentages; the one where, however, we are aware that we are invested in volatile markets where serves greater competence).

If you belong to the general category of investors or, more specifically, the one of the traders, ETFs are instruments with high potential both in terms of protection (Bond ETFs and mixed) that’s pure speculation (Equity ETFs, commodities…). If you belong to the first or second category you should be current about the best opportunities, best suited to your risk profile, your competence and the time that you have available to handle the tools, it represents the most effective strategy to reach your investment goals.

Did you know an ETF on the water in the last three years has given more than 40% of the gain?


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