The John’s stone says…

John's stone, forecasting, weather forecasting

John's stone, forecasting, weather forecastingWhat you see is in the picture is the "John's Weather Forecasting Stone" and is capable of predicting time. The John's stone works in a simple and intuitive way, just observe it carefully.

If the stone is wet, it is raining.

If the stone is dry, it is not raining.

If there is a shadow on ground, it is sunny.

If the stone is swinging, it is windy.

If you can't see the stone, it is foggy.

If the stone is white on top, it is snowing.

If the stone is jumping up & down, there is an earthquake.

If the stone is gone, there was a tornado.

Etc. etc. etc.


To trade the ideas

What is written on the stone may seem obvious, unfortunately, many traders prefer not to trade the obvious, what is right in front of their eyes, undeniable and cumbersome like a bull in a China shop. Rather, they prefer to trade according to what's in their head: visions, suppositions, suspicions, conjectures, lucubration.

I strongly suspect that in the past decades of trading an incredible amount of capital has been destroyed in the vain as unnecessary attempt to anticipate and predict somehow the market rather than, much more simply and effectively, to based on actual and real price movements.

To trade in a profitable way, there is no need to be magicians or visionaries; No one knows exactly what will happen tomorrow and crystal balls are fine if you want the company of some redfish.

Content that is totally indispensable are the following four key principles:

1) A trading system that can always put you on the part of the probability, so you always have an advantage each time you go to put on the market an operation;

2) Strong and profitable Money & Risk Management criteria;

3) An iron discipline that always makes you apply what is planned in points 1 and 2;

4) Determination necessary to overcome the inevitable moments of demoralising.

The next time you put on the market an operation try to ask yourself on what basis am I making those choices; are objective assessments such as: above the average, in trend, or on a possible support… Or subjective ones with reasoning such as price too high, cannot climb more than that, or I feel that the market is about to reverse the route?

If then you are still in doubt, you can always turn to John's Stone; if it's wet it just means it's raining.


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