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One more reason to buy my books

I could write a river of words explaining how valuable and indispensable my books are if you want to learn how to analyse the financial markets and make trading a profession. And that would be a simple truth (anyone who has read my books knows that). No, today I want to do more and take two minutes of your precious time to motivate you, if you have not already done so, to buy my "masterpieces".

I don't like to talk about them, if I do it is only for one reason. In my life, as I'm sure many of you do, I try, in my own small way, to help others. Among these is a Roman association, ALFA, Associazione Love For Animals (website only in Italian), which has been working for almost a decade to protect the rights of dogs and cats, activating campaigns to encourage adoptions, reduce abandonment, and combat stray dogs.

I am affectionately attached to this association and last year I wrote a book (Cherry: I wanted a dog, I got a wife) which, during the Christmas holidays, I published on Amazon in order to help raise funds for the care of many dogs and cats less fortunate than the dog protagonist of the book and which I had in foster care by the association ALFA.

This year, unfortunately, lack of time did not allow me to carry out any initiative in favour of the association and I was very sorry about that. So, I have decided that 50% of the royalties I will get from the sale of my books during the whole month of December will be donated to ALFA.

So now you have one more reason to buy my books. As well as doing good for yourself, you will also be doing good for the many dogs and cats whose only fault has been to be abandoned by those they thought were the most important people in their lives.

We are approaching Christmas and it is time to start thinking about gifts. This year I thought of something special. In December you will have one more reason to buy my books. In fact, in addition to doing

David is a trader with over 25 years of experience (two years as a fund manager) in currencies and commodities. He collaborates with a major European commodity investment company, and he is the author of several successful books about trading and financial markets.

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