Trading with the Trendlines - Harmonic Patterns StrategyLook at Harmonic Patterns from a Different Perspective

Harmonic Patterns Strategy” is the first volume of the series “Trading with the Trendlines.” The e-Book explains a strategy applicable in every market (forex, equities, commodity...), based on a harmonic pattern and trendline.

You will see the harmonic patterns from a different perspective. The strategy, in fact, seeks to exploit the completion of a Gartley or Butterfly, trying to ride the last leg.

What you are going to read in the e-Book is, therefore, my interpretation of this type of pattern. A way to predict a future movement of a market, and that I have studied after observing many similar situations, and to have identified, under certain conditions, a subsequent trend common to most cases.

Easy and clear is the identification of the target profit and stop-loss of the strategy. Not only. Depending on your account, I will also explain to you the correct position sizing, for proper money management.

If you are a beginner, do not worry; the first two chapters will provide you with adequate knowledge for understanding the strategy and using it correctly.

Do not be tricked by the fact that the e-Book is free. The strategy, if you use it correctly and with money management appropriate to your account, will give you a high percentage of profitable trades.

However, it is recommended to combine the strategy with the fundamental analysis and open a position only if both give the same signal.

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Edition: April 2020
Language: English
Editor: Caroline Winter (
Format: PDF, Kindle, Paperback
ISBN (Paperback): 9798645896652
Pages: 115 (PDF, Paperback)
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