Financial Education

31 October 2021


I am Italian and I live in Italy. The latest analysis carried out by Standard and Poor’s and the World Bank is merciless. Italy is 63rd in the world for the population’s knowledge of financial mechanismsRead the rest

31 October 2021

Pursuit of wealth

One of the books that helped change my life the most and that I loved reading right away is “The Richest Man in Babylon“. There is one sentence that turned a switch on in my consciousness… Read the rest

31 October 2021

Making savings pay off

At this point, after explaining the first step to take there will be some of you who will think you are too old to be saving money every month and that it is better to enjoy it… Read the rest

31 October 2021

The eighth wonder of the world

I personally believe that an investment should have a minimum term of 15 years. Only in the long term can you make the most of the most important mathematical formula in a person’s life… Read the rest

31 October 2021

Assets and Liabilities

Those who are pliant and open-minded get rich despite changes. In the long run, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, but how much you are able to keep, and for how long you keep it for… Read the rest

31 October 2021


Certainly not all of you, but there will be some people who, for various reasons, have taken on debt which will surely be a source of concern. There are two types of debt… Read the rest

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