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Earnings Calendar, Trading with David, Spread Trading, Forex, Options, Stocks, Etfs, EtfIf you have stocks or options strategies in your portfolio, it is essential to know when companies announce their earnings. The Earnings Calendar help you in this, giving you not only the date they are released, but also the previous EPS (Earning Per Share), the Forecast, and the new EPS.

What are earnings? Earnings are important to any business. The basic definition of the term "earnings" is simple, but the concept of earnings has many uses. The earnings of a company are the same as its net income or its profit. Either term means the same thing.

The earnings are released quarterly (three calendar months) or a yearly and, in brief, are the difference between the total revenues generated by the company and the total expenses (included operating expenses and taxes) it sustains in a specified period of time.

As I said, they are essential for trades because the price of the share varies according to the production of the company, so, all the positive or negative news related to production makes the price move the share price.

Earnings are an important measure for public companies because investors base investment decisions on earnings, and stock price is based on earnings.They are an important indicator of company health. While earnings reports must be taken in context, earnings per share are the best way to measure the value of a company's stock.

Below, you can find The Earnings Calendar that allows you to track all the world companies who are expected to release earnings reports within the next weeks. On the left, by clicking on "Filter", you can choose the country or countries of your interest; by default, they are Canada and the United States.


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